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Audio Pharmacology™ has been leaping many bounds in alternative sound/energy therapy since it’s conception in 2014.  Our goal is to provide both a superior client experience at a tremendous value through providing alternative health education, training, workshops, performances and personal/group healing sessions.  Audio Pharmacology® is an integrative technique of ancient healing modalities using medicinal music, light and visuals.  It utilizes the Five Element System (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) coupled with Chakra, Solfeggio, Planetary, Pythagorean, Kemetic, and other eastern modalities to aid in the sensational process of tonal healing to induce vibrational harmony to it’s clients.  Lead by his passion to exceed every clients expectations and experiences, Shannon wishes to heal those in need through his love for sound, energy, spirituality, technology and health. Schedule your Audio Pharmacology™ session today via the Schedule Now button below! View our many Services here.  For other inquires use our Contact Us . Online scheduling

Healing Arts Experience

Having a multifaceted career as an international DJ, musician, composer, label owner, videographer, Qi Gong instructor, speaker, humanitarian, pro-activist, healer, and Audio Pharmacologist, Shannon Harris explores obscure territories, regions, genres, sciences, styles, and traditions through his work in the healing arts.  His journey within the fields of art, science, therapies, and music span over three decades, six continents, and numerous cultural and spiritual traditions.  Since 2003 Shannon has been initiated into many traditional indigenous healing art modalities. In 2012 he developed a unique vibrational massage technique using photonic light, heat, custom brain entrainment, physical body & energy resonance along with Qi Gong healing.  Since 2016, his primary focus has been on developing/instructing his unique style of Audio Pharmacology™ Spiraling Serpent Medical Qi Gong at festivals, conferences, centers, schools, and health & wellness fairs both locally and internationally. Additionally, he treats clients with his sound, light, and heat therapy protocols globally.

He was recently selected by the United States Psychotronics Association (USPA) to be their keynote speaker May 22nd 2021.  In 2018, he was invited to study the art of Bhakti Yoga privately under the great BV Ashram Maharaj in India where he became a resident instructor at the Golden Avatar Academy.  In 2017, Shannon received an invitation to privately study the art of Hungry Monk Yoga under a 34th Generation Shaolin warrior, Shifu Wang Bo in Canada. Also in 2017 Shannon travelled monthly throughout the USA and taught different forms of Qi Gong, yoga, meditation, sound sciences, and therapy. Locally, Shannon treated clients in the Chicago-land area and travelled monthly to Seattle and LA treating clients on the West coast. Between 2009-2018 Shannon’s teachings took him to Brazil, Canada, Kenya, India, and London. In 2018, he was selected to present the first QI Gong class at the BOLD Conference, North America’s largest health festival.  He also instructed Audio Pharmacology™ workshops in Chicagoland schools, Harvey, and Summit Illinois as well as University of Chicago Gray and Logan Centers.  In 2019 his Audio Pharmacology™ research was featured in the University of Chicago’s Gray Center Portable Gray Magazine edition entitled “Noise Nomads.”

Teaching Experience

Passionate about technology, science, astronomy, cosmology, sound energy, physics, health, art, and culture, Shannon taught a broad range of educational classes for Columbia College, Antioch University Midwest, Saikeri Primary School, Baker College Prep, South Side Occupational Prep, Logan Center of the Arts, University of Chicago, Graves Elementary, Golden Avatar Academy, Harvey School District, Uplift High School, Peace House, Freedom Home Academy, Natural Healing Centers and Destination Imagination. 

Drawing on several years in IT, global volunteerism, philanthropy, teaching, performing, composing, inventing, and entrepreneurship, he currently focuses on curating technological mindfulness healing arts immersive experiences world wide. His collective works and workshops have taken him across the globe to teach and/or perform in Brazil, India, France, London, Vienna, Russia, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, Canada, Belize and Japan.

Scientific Research

Audio Pharmacology™ was recently mentioned in an interview with the Bigelsen Brothers in regards to “what is Chi Gong/Qi Gong”. They talked about the results before and after practicing to my Theta Wave Qi Gong DVD.

You can read about more Audio Pharmacology™ clinical studies here: Holographic Audio Pharmacology™

Also like the Bigelsen Academy FB group at: Bigelsen Academy

To purchase my Qi Gong DVD:
Theta Wave 5 Element Healing Qi Gong DVD

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Holographic Audio Pharmacology™

For those of you who know me (Adam Bigelsen), you know that I am a musician and music has been a huge part of my life. The last bunch of years I have been really excited to learn more regarding the world of sound therapy. One of the things I did recently, was that I installed transducers in my massage table to create a sound therapy table to experiment with. We have definitely seen some interesting things in the blood after tuning fork sessions and sound baths . As I was laying in bed the other night doing some research, I came across a unique sound healer, Shannon Harris. Shannon does what he calls Audio Pharmacology™. As it just so happens, Shannon was going to be in town the next five days. Josh and I attended Shannon’s lecture, as well as a Theta Wave Medical Qi Gong session, and we each scheduled private Audio Pharmacology™ sessions with Shannon….. ALL AWESOME! We have done Medical Qi Gong sounds and movement before, but Shannon added color visualization with each organ, and incorporated brainwave entrainment music as well…..AWESOME! (He has a dvd available) Of course we looked at blood before and after the private sessions, and the results are below. I had a knee issue in particular that has been lingering. At this point I’m going to let Shannon explain a little bit about what he did during our sessions, and then Josh will explain the results as seen in the blood.

For Adam’s Audio Pharmacology™ session he pointed out having knee pain from an old injury.   I tend to work on clients on different energy/body levels at the same time.  During his 1 hour session I used my Audio Pharmacology™ 5 Element system music in which he listened to music tuned to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) energy/organ/emotional system while working directly and around the knee area with a deep tissue/muscle massage utilizing blood/qi/circulation frequencies. I applied a tuning fork to the higher chakra areas to induce a relaxed brainwave state during the treatment. There was moderate heat applied during the sound massage followed by nano crystal laser therapy along with photonic light therapy in the area as well. This process affects the patients internal healing processes on many different levels simultaneously.


Research and Development into Ambisonics, ASMR and binaural field recordings.

This pic above is a new array I just designed that will capture ambisonic, ASMR, X/Y pattern and true binaural play back field recordings in nature.

In traditional of my love for travel, culture, nature, science, research, sound energy, health, camping and invention I’ll went on a birthday excursion on my rare palindrome birthday! It’s not by happenstance that my birthday falls on this once in 900 year numerology phenomena!

[Pictured Below] My cabin is quite unique as well in design. I’m going to test the acoustics there as well.  

Binaural Head ASMR Research and Development 

Sono Geometry Experience

I would like to personally thank the Dark Matter series for selecting me for a 2019 artist residency at Elastic Art’s. I’ve curated a series of events entitled “EVOLution: The Healing Art’s Movement”. I have to say I am extremely excited about the 4 part series as I’m finally getting a chance to present Audio Pharmacology™ sound sciences, innovation, invention and research in an interdisciplinary interactive installation that will be indeed a unique experience for everyone. This collaboration is with another Sound Scientist/Sound Enthusiast and inventor like myself Rod Echols! We’re looking to have this experimental experience at Elastic Art’s on second Sundays starting from September 8th to December 8th. Each monthly event will entail a live interactive performance exploring scientific sonic/sacred geometry along with metaphysics orchestrated to planetary, seasonal, solar, lunar, organ, DNA, chakra, environmental and cosmological alignments. It will be a pleasure for you to join us on this unique sound journey as we explore territories engaging entertainment via energy medicine, technology, science, and innovation. Come experience the experiment with us!

Sono Geometry Experience (SGE)

Entertainment for healthy brain and body entrainment.


combining form

prefix: sono-

1. relating to sound



the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogs.

The Sono Geometry Experience (Shannon Harris, Rod Echols & Vandorn Hinnant) is a experimental Healing Art’s sound performance featuring vibro-acoustics, cymatics, sound levitation, sacred/sonic geometry, physics, instrument design and visual display installations to induce a live interactive audio/visual transformation.   Our mission is to use entertainment applications to inspire healthy brain and body entrainment experiences.   Audience participants are expected to encounter relaxation, stress removal, calmness, pain relief, mindfulness, inner connection, and focus.   “When the math and sciences add up so does the intended results.” – Shannon Harris

I would like to personally invite you to a special event that’s a part of my Dark Matter artist residency at Elastic Art’s. I’m curating a series of events entitled “EVOLution: The Healing Art’s Movement”. I have to say I am extremely excited about the September 8th edition as I’m finally getting a chance to present Audio Pharmacology™ sound sciences, innovation, invention and research in an interdisciplinary interactive installation that will be indeed a unique experience for everyone. This collaboration is with another Sound Scientist/Sound Enthusiast and inventor like myself Rod Echols! We’re looking to have this experimental experience at Elastic Art’s on second Sundays starting from September 8th to December 8th. Each monthly event will entail a live interactive performance exploring scientific sonic/sacred geometry along with metaphysics orchestrated to planetary, seasonal, solar, lunar, organ, DNA, chakra, environmental and cosmological alignments. It will be a pleasure for you to join us on this unique sound journey as we explore territories engaging entertainment via energy medicine, technology, science, and innovation. Come experience the experiment with us!

Sound Science Virtual Playshops

Virtual STEM experiences in sound energy, sound science,music therapy, sound therapy, physics, cymatics, algebra, sacred and sonic geometry.  Audio Pharmacology™️ work/research turned into a digestible virtual learning experiences.  If your school or organization is interested in having me curate these virtual labs click the Schedule Now link below.

Online scheduling


2021 Keynote Speaker for the United States Psychotronics Association

Mark your calendar:
Saturday, May 22, 2021

2:00 p.m. EST | 1:00 p.m. CST | 12:00 p.m. | 11:00 a.m. PST
S15 donation.  Payment due with Registration. Limited seating.

Triple Treat: Ann Michels Interviews Shannon Harris
on “Audio Pharmacology”
Then, Shannon will be on hand for Live Q & A
and discussion of his techniques. 

But wait…There’s More!
After the interview and Q & A, 
Shannon will share a short “Zoom Dance Party.” 



New music available on bandcamp!

Audio Pharmacology™ Delta Wave Transcendence Experience

by Shannon Harris

Available in Download

Partake in a 33 minute immersive medicinal music soundscape that engages the corpus callosum, frontal cortex, sensory cortex, pineal gland, auditory cortex, hippocampus, nucleus accumbens and amygdala. Headphones are encourage for this custom formulation of binaural beats that are used to take the listener into higher states of conscious that aims to remove one from physical to metaphysical states of awareness. It will aid with anxiety, stress, sleep, rest, creativity, meditation, depression and studying.

Serenity Bliss (Brain/Breath/Body Entrainment)

by Shannon Harris

Available in Download

The Kotamo is a combination of 3 different instruments: the koto, the tampura and the monochord. The monochord was redeveloped by Pythagoras going as far back as ancient Egyptian (Kemetic). The tampura origins are from India and is used in accompanying other traditional instruments. The Koto is a classical Japanese melody string instrument. This instrument bridges 3 cultures in which all three instruments purposes where primarily used/played with the intention for spiritual music, esoteric music/studies and cultural musical performances.

I was blessed with the opportunity of having a unique version of the Kotamo designed where all 3 instruments reside on one side. In the Serenity Bliss journey I’m using this instrument with a special array of acoustic and electronic instruments to induce different brain/breath/body entrainment states of being. This is great for meditation, Qi Gong, yoga, thai chi, studying, free-form dancing, ballet and relaxing.

Audio Pharmacology™ Lung/Metal Theta Wave Entrainment (Download)

by Shannon Harris

The Audio Pharmacology® Theta Wave Entrainment series uses the art of breathwork, guided meditation, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) color therapy, energy work, Brain Entrainment and Ancient Egyptian (Kemet) energy/organ frequencies to assist its listeners in deeper trance work via Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation, breathwork, stress release and/or sleep. This CD has a 30 minute guided meditation for the Lung and a 30 minute Unguided meditation for the Lung totaling 1 hour. It’s used to aid in the balancing of the Lung energy and removing the emotional energies that are caused by Lung imbalances that relate to grief/grieving.

Audio Pharmacology™ Theta Wave 5 Element System Healing Qi Gong DVD


This DVD features custom Lung Theta Wave music using ancient Kemetic/Egyptian tunings/frequencies with modern day Theta Wave brain entrainment sciences. Shannon introduces his unique version of Spiraling Serpent Qi Gong using ancient Taoist energy/organ healing sounds from China along with embedding some yogic mundras and mantras from ancient Egypt. This unique system inspires a deeper meditative medical Qi Gong practice via the brainwave entrainment audio.


Bristol Interview with Kola Adetu

Accessing versus hacking the brain.  The power of meditation on the mind and manifestation.

Creative Imposters podcast

119: Tap into the abundance of energy, global travel meets sound healing with Shannon Harris

Bridges podcast

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the great Dakota Dragon @dakotadragon aka Dr Paul W. Dyer Bridges podcast.  Have a listen and let me know what you think!

Shannon Harris interview featured in the first edition of the University of Chicago Portable Gray Magazine along with a solo Audio Pharmacology™ performance at Fulton Recital Hall.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Ytasha L. Womack for interviewing me for the University of Chicago’s Portable Gray magazine. I also would like to thank Seth Brodsky and staff for inviting me to be the featured performer yesterday at their launch party in the amazing Fulton Recital Hall. It’s my second time bringing out the Sacred Triune and so far it seems to land me in amazing spaces/places. The first performance made its debut on NBC and now Fulton Recital Hall for the University of Chicago’s music department.

I was shocked to see a famous renowned composer, Augusta Read Thomas, in the audience whom I met last year when recording audio interviews for the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra. She had many questions about my custom instrument.

You can acquire you a copy of this issue of the Portable Gray Noise Nomads edition click the link below:  

Soul Rotations: Healing Music with Shannon Harris Interview

Channel 5 NBC Black History Month special featuring the Sacred Triune first public performance.

Yesterday many friends, colleagues, clients and I were featured on Channel 5 NBC! I’m the one playing the instruments in green and white clothing. The music behind the entire scene is from my Sacred Triune performance. I’ll like to thank Aya from the Haji Healing Salon for inviting me to play behind the yoga instructors. For bookings: audiopharmacology@gmail.com

I was invited on the Gypsy Love Radio @ Que4 to talk about Audio Pharmacology™ and my music. It was like a reality TV comedy as well. haha Great times.

August has been an amazing month and 2017 an amazing year for Audio Pharmacology™! I have the pleasure of being interviewed/featured in an Indian magazine this month about my work in Audio Pharmacology™ and with my organization the ASSIST Society. Check out the magazine online at https://www.facebook.com/upwordsmagazine/ and like their page! I would like to thank my great friend Caroline Putnam from Reviveolution and Abhijit Ganguly from Upwords Magazine for presenting me with such an amazing opportunity!

I had the wonderful opportunity of being interviewed on the Freedom Friends Show by my friend/colleague Natisha Willis. It was such a great time!


I’ve been invited back a second time to the Journey to Wholeness Radio Show to speak about the topic “Journeying through Sound”. Check out this amazing interview. The last 10 minutes got cut due to an internet outage in the area.

Audio Pharmacology™ was mentioned on Grosse Pointe WMTV by the Blissed Out Chef, Laurel Herman! Such an honor!


University of Chicago Logan Center for the Arts family day sound meditation

Indigenous Healing Summit

Here’s a recording from last nights Indigenous Healing Summit Live Audio Pharmacology™ broadcast. We focused on SELF identity, mastery and rediscovery via an “I AM” meditation. This is a meditation so I shut off the camera so you can look within and not at me. Enjoy! Love you! Share it!!

Chicago House Music Festival 2020

I had a mini @dnice moment during my DJ set for this years Chicago House Music Festival. 😄. The live YouTube chat had my friends, family and fans from all around the world along with a surprise drop in from Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot. I didn’t realize it was her until I received a call afterwards from NYC from my cousin excited about her compliments about my DJ set.   How cool. The collective DJ sets were amazing. I’m proud of my birth place and to be among some amazing artistry. I would like to thank her, David Chavez, DCASE and the city of Chicago for having me be a part of this years festival. I also would like to thank the city of Chicago staff and everyone who supported me in attendance last night. Love you! Here’s the full 60 minute set on youtube!  ENJOY!! 

Francis W. Parker Living Electromagnetically Playshop Day 1

I had the pleasure of teaching, sharing, discussing, and informing the amazing students/faculty of Francis W. Parker about Audio Pharmacology™️. This consisted of setting up a mini PlayShop lab showing sonic geometry, sacred geometry, and sound energy effects on all matter. We discussed frequencies of foods, minerals, chakras, organs, TCM meridians, emotions, consciousness, brain wave states and colors. I’ll like to thank @thatstaceyg aka Ms. Gibson for inviting me to speak in here “The Black Voices in America” class.

University of Chicago Family Day – Jan 2020

Yesterday I spent 2.5 hours sharing the science and physics of sound, energy and light with families at the University of Chicago’s Logan Center. This is a sample of what that looked like. I look forward to presenting more Audio Pharmacology™ playshops in the near future. I would like to thank the staff and program organizers from the Reva and David Logan Center for the Art’s for having me. If you’re interested in hosting them at your school, organization or for your children information is available under the services section: https://audiopharmacology.com/services/

Sono Geometry Experience Live Testimonials

A video featuring the last 2019 Sono Geometry Experience featuring Rod Echo’s and myself discussing peoples experiences.

Live PA Institute Day Conference (University of Chicago)

We put together one of the most amazing science/technology meets performing arts conferences I’ve ever experienced! We had lectures from complex systems, virtual reality studios, archiving, unorthodox production techniques, live PA demos and the art of “performing electromagnetically” where I discussed audio alchemy. Afterwards we had an amazing live band performing material for us to sample and remix later for our compilation. We ended the night with electronic performances in which I played with the event organizer Brother EL joined by Jonathan Woods. Sickness!! I’m excited about next year! All of this happened at the Gray and Logan Centers at the University of Chicago! See you next year!

Audio Pharmacology™️ Playshop

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching children from the ages 5 on up fun physics that included Cymatics, healing instruments, music theory and elemental alchemy. I’ll be teach at the University of Chicago in 2 weeks but this time a adult workshop for the Live Electronic PA Conference. I look forward to bringing this program inside of the schools.
We are hosting an adult PlayShop on second Sunday’s at EVOLution featuring the Sono Geometry Experience from 1-4pm. See you there!

Chicago House Music Festival 2019

Chicago!!! All I have to say is thank you! If you were there then you know why! hahaha Trust me it was something special that went down at this years Chicago House Music Festival! Special thanks to David Chavez for allowing me to be a part of this years festival and Dana Divine for being an amazing stage host! Much thanks for all of you who came out to dance with me!! I LOVE YOU!!

Sound Shower Journey at Ecstatic Dance Chicago

Here’s some footage at the end of my Easter Sunday Audio Pharmaqcology™ Sound Shower Journey at Ecstatic Dance Chicago with Roman Boro, Debi Winston Buzil and friends. I Audio Pharmacology™️ sound shower journeys uses ancient and future technology to enhance brain/body entrainment experiences. I plan to continue to heal myself and the world one sine wave at a time!

Here’s another Audio Pharmacology™️ Sound Shower Journey at Ecstatic Dance Chicago.  I performed an entrainment of Lung and Liver frequencies to a packed house! As usual with the Lung frequencies some people started coughing releasing things.

Last night was next level at the Afrofuture! Trust me the dynamics in stimuli was unlike a traditional party or event. You had to be there to get what I mean.  We sold out the Adler Planetarium with different events, lectures, games and interactive activities in the entire place. 

Afrofuture at the Adler Planetarium 1.0

Sacred instrument tuning in nature (Tanpura/Monochord)

Relationships are intimate encounters with all things. Audio Pharmacology™ is my spiritual commitment/marriage to SOUND/MUSIC/HEALTH/SCIENCE. I usually spend lots of time with different instruments alone. Yesterday I decided to switch it up and take her to the lake front sharing my experience with my tribe on Instagram LIVE and Marco Polo. Haha. Interesting that only one group of ppl stopped to ask me what I was doing. ?. Everyone else stared and kept it moving.

Sound massage, heat, stones, reflexology, music, acupressure and Qi Gong Energy Healing. In this video I’m applying Qi Gong energy healing on the client. Notice her moving her feet and the deepening of the breath. She had stagnation on the lower left extremities where I applied the sound and was moving energy from the lower right to the heart after giving her foot reflexology. Audio Pharmacology™️ is quite complex in how different energy systems combine to induce an endogenous pharmacotherapy effect. The staff noticed her limping in and afterwards walking properly out. Haha. This was in 30 minutes. I suggest no less than 1 hour sessions 1-2 times a week for about a month to have this type of energy work transform old internal patterns. I’m at the Natural Healing Centers on Mondays and Wednesdays.

A special mothers day Guided Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) sound shower with Aya Nicole Cook of Haji Healing Salon. We will be doing these monthly. Check here for future events

Wow I just finished teaching my Qi Gong Class to seniors/elders who are HIV positive. They are so upbeat and I’m amazed at having the opportunity to provide them with tools to help them through the process. I gave them a copy of my CD and they were so appreciative. I’m personally very moved by the experience. It touched me deeply how they ask if I was returning and were shocked a stranger made CDs to give to them. ? We can spend so much time in survival mode at our jobs and never get a chance to touch the lives of others who are an alternate reflectional reality of ourselves. Karma/Dharma and LOVE. ??. Wow! Having a powerful reflective moment. Make your life, work, creations and most of all service count! We can overcome the suffering in this world be committing ourselves to serving others, animals, nature, mother earth and the Universal community. www.audiopharmacology.com

Private Therapy Sessions in Seattle

Qi Gong at the Sedona Yoga Fest 2017

Sedona Yoga Fest 2017 Audio Pharmacology Theta Wave Qi Gong Class! I had the amazing opportunity of introducing my new form of Fire Serpent 5 Element Qi Gong that goes along to customized Audio Pharmacology™ Theta Music. The class was well received by industry professionals.

Video from Chi Ka Go’s 8th Year Anniversary at Yoga View. A collaboration with Sound Wave’s Symphony’s Lisa Devi, Yeshua and Audio Pharmacology™.

Live Santeria Invocation happening on the dance floor. DJing isn’t just playing music or pop songs to me. I’m a messenger here to inspire those through the healing arts of tone, free can see (frequency), Dance, hertz, energy and positive mantras (lyrics). Music moves people figuratively and literally. I don’t view it as entertainment but a means to implement positive brain entrainment.

The DJ Shannon Harris meets Chi! Ka! Go! experience live and direct! This was a DJ performance at an all ages Intentional Conscious Community Event. Special thanks to the bday boy David Ziemba for having me play such an amazing event! If you are interested in having conscious World Beat at your events contact me via email: Contact Me

I always like to end the night with something to send people home with. Here’s my favorite rare version of Stevie Wonder ‘AS’ covered by another group!
Let’s go! If you are interested in having conscious World Beat at your events contact me via email: Contact Me

My Ecstatic Dance Chicago DJ Experience more than exceeded my expectations. It took me back to my events I hosted in 2003/2004 called the Urbanicity Dance and Arts Studio but expounded on the mission and vibration via the people coming together to dance without the influence of alcohol, drugs, sex, smoking, eating or hidden intentions. It was/is all about the ecstatic dance floor experience.
Another element thats very spiritual about this event is that its held in a mediation center setting the vibrations of oneness and inner self mastery. On top of that the events are pure and for all ages to attend because of that. It’s intergenerational and has diverse cultures from all walks of life. Like the Urbanicity Dance and Arts Studio no pictures, videos or talking is allowed on the dance floor. The night was packed with such beautiful spirits and you have to come to experience the energy rather than it being broadcast via social media. I was allowed to take DJ booth video only and here are my personal confessions from a Ecstatic Dance Chicago Experience!

I had the pleasure of playing this years 14 Annual Silver Room Block Party at the Promontory in Hyde Park. Here are some video highlights from my set.

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