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Audio Pharmacology™ deep tissue/muscle sound massage treatment testimony

by Jalee Bully

Audio Pharmacology™ deep tissue/muscle sound massage treatment testimony

 by Dr. Bettie Smith

Audio Pharmacology™ deep tissue/muscle sound massage treatment testimony

 by Kimosha Murphy

Audio Pharmacology™ treatment testimony

 by Saidia Therapy Lady

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Hi…. I am back in Chicago as of Tuesday…. My daughter basically had a “nervous breakdown”…. She is a person that has been giving giving giving in her work….and basically blew out her nervous system. I have seen this coming for 2 years and actually asked her in May to consider a Health Sabbatical. I got to Maine…and brought her to ER…she was admitted into Psych Hospital….for a week…then went into an Intensive Outpatient program…. I was there holding her in all of her shatter….knowing that this was such an opportunity for her….ultimately…. I brought your CD….And gifted to her…. She loves it….

She has a host of issues that created a perfect storm…. And I am constantly seeking to support her in her journey…. I am leaving Thursday for Trinidad and my boat…. I will be sailing until May….. And then back in Chicago for the summer….

I am SO happy to know you and have experienced a teeny piece of your work….I look forward to returning and starting earlier with you….having a bigger experience…..

You are amazing and such a brilliant source of healing energy. Your passion and love is potent…. Here’s a pic of my daughter yesterday in Portland Maine…. Much better..

Thank you for Being You!

With Gratitude and Love…..


I’ve followed Shannon’s career since 2009 when I bought his CD “The New World Reveal–A-Solution”. It’s an amazing album with “Keep on Reachin” still being one of my favorites. After purchasing his album we started to talk more and became friends. I’ve witness his work and projects back then starting from A.R.O.M.A and everything following it.

It is so great that we became friends, and even better we’ve become family.
He visited Brazil in 2011 with the notion of witnessing our reality here. He was suppose to launch a Project to help the people in the garbage slums, and during his stay here, we talked about the “Audio Urbanology – The art of Audio Truism” album where he shared one of his songs “Viva a vida como se não houvesse amanhã”. This song is so wonderful and so fresh. “Don’t let go of your dreams” is not only a song from his album, but it’s a living statement on Shannon’s life.
I saw his progression in the search for healing, for cures and helping people. I’ve watched the development of the his own NGO come into reality, the ASSIST SOCIETY. He’s doing amazing work with the Maasai and Samburu tribes in Kenya. Shannon could easily live a regular life, with his wife, jobs and all comforts of American domestication, but no, he decided to help be the change that we want to see in the world, as Ghandi once stated.

Audio Pharmacology™ is the result of all his profound knowledge in healing, in frequencies, and in everything that can make people’s lives better. This is Shannon. Wherever he goes he tries to do something good. His Aura changes any room. His beloved presence is felt for the ones that are open to receive this.  I can say for myself that when Shannon came in 2011 to Brazil, he helped me so much that i changed my life completely with his presence here.

I’m so thankful for his friendship, and I’m so glad to see all this happening.

My gratitude always, Carla Arminda.

You are AMAZING!!!!! The sound shower treatment is amazing too. Words cant describe the feeling of this process. Try it, I know you will LOVE it. Thanks Shannon for an AMAZING visit. My Spirit Thanks you too. I Recommend this for all who seek peace, wellnes and understanding of self. Give Thanks… Nzinga Derrick

After using (playing) Audio Pharmacology™ for clients while doing Enoch, and lymphatic drainage. People are walking away in hightened levels of peace and tranquillity. Tua Shannon Keep channelling! Mashun Neteri

The Audio Pharmacology™ Workshop presented by Shannon Harris is a workshop that I would recommend to anyone. Whether you are following alternative medicines, working in any sound or IT technology field where you are using wireless devices, or just reaffirm what you instinctively know but do not know how to say in words. What is great about this workshop is how science is incorporated and demonstrated into the presentation to explain the different theories. This workshop talks about more than just chakras and what frequencies they are tuned to. This workshop will show you how our everyday enviroment effects us and how we can use sound to counteract the negative effects. I like how Shannon keeps the audience captivated with all the information and having the class wanting to learn more. I highly recommend attending this workshop. – Sophia Bergmann

Dear Shannon Harris, I would like to thank you for the amazing session you provided me. As an expectant mother and an energy worker, it was very important for me to receive energy work as well. I found the sound healing and vibrational therapy that your provided as extremely helpful to relief some anxiety and stress that I had pent up shoulders and my legs. The music you provided, which was composed by you, was also very healing, and allowed me to relax properly and receive the healing benefits. I am very grateful for the time you spent on me and highly recommend your services to anyone seeking deep relief and healing from an expert practitioner. – Vrindavani Devi Dasi

Thanks for sharing! You and Elisha Hall made Saturday’s Soul Yoga Fest even more beautiful with the accompaniment of Audio Pharmacology – Nubia Henderson

Judith told me that your energy was the most grounding and is a beautiful energy to have in this space! – Ronica Perez (Natural Healing Centers Owner)

Shannon you are such a powerful creator, innovator, connector…thank you for the beautiful gift of music and energy in Ohio! Blessings to those beautiful hands of yours! — Norma Seledon


I am loving your CD!!! – Mark

Loving your CD!  My daughter loves it too.  She heard it and was like, mommy thats so relaxing. She gets the radio and puts it on when she is ready for bed.  I meditate to it and its so the bomb. – Saidia Therapylady

I was excited to put more of Shannon’s sound therapy techniques to practice after experiencing his demos at community events. His Audio Pharmocology cd was a sacred transaction and produced the desired results. I slept with it playing a few nights and had my first lucid dreams in weeks. Not only did I achieve the healing and alignments needed but I was motivated to employ more sound theraphy techniques in my nocturnal meditations. Thanks Shannon!!!” – Black High Priestess

Hi Shannon, we met at the conference this weekend and I just wanted to connect to let you know how amazing your session was!!   It was truly mind expanding and I’m eager to really open the doors you helped reveal to draw from an enlightened conscious and energy source.  – Veronica Mercado

So the people at my River North office like the CD so much I find it in the player no matter when I come there for over 2 months! – Kimosha Murphy


Learning Audio Pharmacology™ from Professor Harris… And Sacred Geometry is something else! – Mattie Layne Brosamle

Shannon, i so am veey thankful for y’all. Elisha Hall you made my Soul Yoga Experience wonderful as a first time instructor. – Saidia TherapyLady

Thank you Shannon for the healing you provide with your amazing healing music! First time I experienced it I immediately felt the energy flow in my hands…that is awesome I felt the Reiki activation inside of us at such a high level it literally blew my mind! Your cd’s are great and my kids also are impacted when listening. Your music creates this sacred space where all vibes go up! Kids are getting into an awesome mood where all their worries seem to melt away! I am very grateful for what you do and your impact on others! It is a true pleasure! – Sabina Myszka

Been listening to this in the studio, healing music to rebalance the body, pretty powerful stuff! – Sharon Bechtold


Omg !! With Shannon Harris from audio pharmacology! Medicinal music aligned to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  THIS MUSIC IS AMAZING! – Laurel Herman

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